Life is Short and Love is Long

The rest of life is precious and unpredictable, don’t let the regrets be too long.

Be Open-minded

Be not afraid. Do it best. Keep doing and stop worrying about results.

Be honest with myself. Keep a real record of my life to use real data for analysis, decision making and continuous improvement.

Be Positive

Get out and get some exercise! You’ll be back in full spirit!

Focus now! You’ll experience the happiness of flow!

Keep it tidy and clean! You’ll be easeful and clear!

Love and Happiness

When parents are alive, we know where we came from.

When parents are gone, the only way we have left in our life towards the death.

Love my parents, love my wife’s parents.

Love my wife, love our children.

Love myself, love our relatives and friends.


The wisest and most rewarding choice is to maintain our positive mental state by observing our inner emotional changes, doing more behaviors that contribute to good emotions, and reduce emotional internal conflict.